Fresh food delivery

Fresh food delivery

Our partners for Fresh Food Delivery: Apero Palace, John's and Sushi Night

The services on offer

  • Catering for internal meetings, lunches, board meetings
  • Delivery of sandwiches, cold meals, hot meals, desserts, fruit, beverages, etc.
  • Organisation of events (buffet, reception, management meeting, etc.)


Our added value

  • Delivery of ready meals presented to high specifications for companies
  • Use of organic, fair-trade and other products that respect the environment
  • Greater menu variety than that offered by the competition and adapted for any type of meeting and event


A perfect service at the perfect price

  • Its organisational structure along with its market savvy allow Perfect Management Services to offer its clients the best price for a perfect service
  • Perfect Management Services guarantees the competitiveness of its prices and constantly keeps pace with market developments